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About “WE”

How We Got Here

The only thing that will permanently transform the lives of Millennials and positively impact culture and government is for Millennials to experience a personal, relevant, and authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

For the last several decades Christians have been engaged in fighting a defensive battle in our culture and in public policy that continues to produce meager results. WE, Inc. founder Jamie Radtke personally experienced these frustrations after 20 years of political engagement at all levels. During Jamie’s campaign for the United States Senate, she interacted with thousands of Millennials who were determined to meaningfully impact the world around them, but felt trapped by a life that lacked purpose and meaning. As a result, they felt incapable of changing the status quo in their lives and in their communities.

It is easy for Christians also to feel despondent and hopeless as they watch our culture and nation spiral out of control and away from its Judeo-Christian foundation. Even more problematic, research shows that even 80% of young people who were raised in church will become disengaged from their faith by the time they are 29 years old. While most Christians agree that our future rises or falls on the leadership of the younger generation, no organization has developed an effective approach to reach and engage this Millennial generation so that individual lives are transformed and culture is reordered.

Transformational change in individual lives and in our nation will not happen with intellectual political arguments or shallow spiritual platitudes. Further, previous efforts that have used traditional methods of communication have produced little results because organizations find themselves faced with the difficult challenge that Ravi Zacharias so eloquently stated, ‘how do you reach a generation that listens with its eyes and thinks with its feelings?’

Real transformational change in individual lives and as a nation will ONLY come when young people experience an authentic and relevant faith in Jesus Christ that ignites their passion to see truth and  righteousness reflected in our culture. As the Millennial generation takes center stage as a key influential force in our culture, it is critical that we approach them from a faith perspective about what it means to live authentically in Christ.

The unintended consequences of a nation that has abandoned all biblical, moral, economic and social restraints have been enormous. Young people struggle to find purpose and significance in a country that has stripped away authentic faith, substantive truth and meaningful relationships. WE, Inc. helps young people discover an authentic and relevant faith in Jesus Christ that equips them to become leaders who mentor their peers and meaningfully shape culture, communities, and nations.

“WE” is a Virginia-based non-stock corporation and a charitable nonprofit as defined by section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. It does not support, endorse or oppose political candidates, campaigns or parties.